People & Work team

Director: Dr Sarah Lloyd-Jones

Sarah has over twenty-five years experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis and has been the principal researcher and consultant on many of the Unit’s studies. In addition to its commissioned work, Sarah has responsibility for the People Work Unit’s action-research programmes including shaping its current work around family engagement with, and support for, learning as a tool for tackling child poverty. Sarah is a founding director of Lles Cymru – Wellbeing Wales and its Chair and chairs its research and evaluation group. She has recently published a chapter on children, young people and wellbeing in ‘From Public Health to Wellbeing’ commissioned by Palgrave Publishing (Macmillan 2011) and recently contributed a chapter on youthwork and locality in the book ‘Journeying Together’ (eds. A Rogers and M Smith 2010. Russell House).

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Head of Research: Dr Duncan Holtom

Duncan is a highly experienced social researcher, with post-graduate training in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Duncan has taught research methods at under-graduate and post-graduate levels at the University of Wales Swansea and draws upon fifteen years’ experience undertaking qualitative and quantitative research in Wales and also Australia, Tanzania, and Jordan.

Since joining People and Work in 2004, Duncan has specialised in research in the fields of education, youth transitions and community regeneration, and has led high profile research and evaluation studies for the Welsh Government, Local Authorities, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Save the Children. This includes, for example:

Before joining People and Work Duncan Worked as an Associate for the Centre for Development Studies at the University of Wales Swansea and the Community Service and Research Centre at the University of Queensland.

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Lead Researcher: Rhodri Bowen

Rhodri previously  worked as a researcher at Cardiff University of Wales, where he gained experience in quantitative research techniques. His first language is Welsh, and he recently completed an advanced Welsh language course at Cardiff University. He completed his MSc in Marketing at University of Glamorgan. During his eight years at the Unit Rhodri has led many evaluations for example in school based interventions in areas such STEM,  ESF projects which aim to improve employment and skills amongst disadvantaged young people, and community development projects. He has specialised skills in survey design and analysis, and analysing complex datasets. Rhodri believes in adopting simple and straightforward approaches in order to achieve effective monitoring and evaluation of projects. Rhodri also has experience in delivering training programmes in subject areas such as understanding how to use the Welsh Index of Multiple deprivation.

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Action Research Project Manager: James Hall

James joined People & Work in 2008 to lead the newly established place-based project in Glyncoch (a village near Pontypridd) – a whole village approach to education, employment and wellbeing in partnership with Glyncoch Community Regeneration and other agencies.

Following study in Oxford and Cardiff, James’ first job was as a Baptist Minister, working for various churches in city, rural and valley communities in Wales alongside visiting a variety of workplaces on behalf of the churches. He then worked as an Industrial Chaplain (on behalf of all the main churches), exploring the impact of changing economic and industrial trends upon local communities and individuals (and this formed the basis of his Masters research for Cardiff University).

James started freelance broadcasting for BBC Wales in 1993, becoming a full-time member of staff in TV Presentation in 1998. Whilst at BBC Wales, James became the deputy branch secretary of BECTU, the broadcast technicians’ union.

Since 2015, James has taken a lead in developing a third sector network alongside others in Rhondda (Stronger Rhondda Gryfach) and manages a variety of action research projects which focus on education, employment, training, health and wellbeing with young people (using an asset-based approach to community development). James has also led several training seminars for the third and public sectors (including work on the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation). He speaks Welsh (to an intermediate level) and is now a member of a multi-disciplinary evaluation team in People & Work exploring the impact of a 10-year community project in several locations in Wales.

James has recently received training in professional supervision and facilitating action learning sets. He has considerable experience of meeting facilitation, public speaking, working with the media and setting up IT.

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Project Coordinator Dynamic Young Communities Rhondda: Mark Hutton

Mark Hutton worked for Bosch Automotive for 19 years before joining People and Work in 2012. Mark is professionally trained in many areas of fitness, including GP Exercise Referral, Nutrition & Weight Management and is a Level 3 Fitness Instructor.

Mark has had considerable experience of working within schools and community settings in the field of sports development with volunteers and partners during the last 14 years. Mark has experience of coaching rugby at club, regional and national levels and co-ordinates the Dynamic Young Communities project in Rhondda which seeks to learn how best to use sport and physical activity as a means of encouraging individuals and families to engage with the development of their own communities. This project seeks to find out how to create an environment that encourages community members to organise community activities and to sustain them, helping people from some of South Wales’ most disadvantaged areas to take ownership of local events, clubs and activities.

Mark’s many responsibilities include line management of staff, supporting volunteers, report writing and effective project management through monitoring and evaluation procedures. He has recently been awarded a Level 3 in Community Learning and Sports Development via the YMCA George Williams College, London.

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Researcher: Hibah Iqbal

Hibah Iqbal joined People & Work in 2016 as a Time to Shine intern funded by the Rank Foundation for a year. She has an undergraduate degree in Education and an MSc in Social Science Research Methods, both from Cardiff University. Her Masters dissertation focused on the aspirations and perceptions of life chances of young Pakistanis. Her work at People & Work has involved providing literature reviews and reports for various partner organisations throughout Wales. Hibah now works as a member of the research team. Hibah’s evaluation of a Communities First employment programme in Blaenau Gwent has been one of her key pieces of work: she was responsible for the planning and organising of the fieldwork as well as writing the final report.

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Project Coordinator ‘What We Say’ – Rhondda: Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams joined People and Work in 2013 as the ‘School Focused Communities’ Project Coordinator and currently manages ‘What we Say’, a project that empowers young people to become researchers and explore issues on a personal, community or national level. Andrea has extensive experience of working with young people, providing and supporting provisions at a community level and has particular expertise in engaging disengaged young people in education and employment as well as in helping them access services. Andrea has a first class honours degree from the University of South Wales in English with Sociology and has recently completed her Masters by Research, which explored youth-led research as a mechanism for participation and evaluated adult responses within a theoretical, organisational and political context.


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